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Low Maintenance Plants For The Pacific Northwest

These plants are the perfect solution for hassle free gardening. They were chosen for your area because of their ease of maintenance, hardiness and beauty. Just plant it and forget it!

Rose Glow Barberry

  • Compact deciduous shrub
  • Mottled pink & red new growth

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Dwarf Burning Bush

  • Rounded deciduous shrub
  • Brilliant red fall foliage color

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Blue Prince & Princess Holly

  • Classic evergreen holly look
  • Interesting bluish foliage

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Old Gold Juniper

  • Graceful evergreen shrub
  • Excellent foundation plant

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Spartan Juniper

  • Pyramidal evergreen
  • Vivid, dark green, foliage

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce

  • Dense evergreen foliage
  • Good for topiary spirals

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  • Vibrant yellow blooms
  • Bright green, deciduous foliage

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Hicks Yew

  • Upright evergreen shrub
  • Prized for columnar growth

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Emerald Green Arborvitae

  • Dense, pyramidal evergreen
  • Bright, emerald green foliage

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  • Spikes of white blooms
  • Long, blue-green, curving leaves

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