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Low Maintenance Plants For The Desert Southwest

These plants are the perfect solution for hassle free gardening. They were chosen for your area because of their ease of maintenance, hardiness and beauty. Just plant it and forget it!

Afterglow Bougainvillea

  • Abundant yellow orange flowers
  • Thrives in warm climates

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Emerald Green Fig Tree

  • Vigorous tropical evergreen
  • Lustrous green leaves

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Sunset Cape Honeysuckle

  • Tubular orange flowers
  • Shiny green foliage

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Potato Vine

  • Vigorous, climbing vine
  • Medium to purplish green leaves

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Gold Spot Euonymus

  • Attractive evergreen shrub
  • Yellow centered green leaves

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Gold Mound Skyflower

  • Glowing golden-colored foliage
  • Masses of white flowers

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Petite Pink Oleander

  • Heat loving evergreen shrub
  • Pink blooms in summer

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  • Spikes of white blooms
  • Long, blue-green, curving leaves

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Dwarf Sweet Pea Bush

  • Evergreen flowering shrub
  • Fragrant purplish-pink flowers

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Bird of Paradise

  • Evergreen tropical
  • Exotic colorful flowers

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