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Low Maintenance Plants For The Central

These plants are the perfect solution for hassle free gardening. They were chosen for your area because of their ease of maintenance, hardiness and beauty. Just plant it and forget it!

Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush

  • Vigorous, upright deciduous shrub
  • Blue flower spikes in summer

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Knock Out® Rose

  • Clusters of cherry-red flowers
  • Continuous bloomer

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  • Showy purple flowers
  • Succulent bronze tipped leaves

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Stella de Oro Daylily

  • Fragrant golden yellow flowers
  • Award winning dwarf

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Purple Coneflower

  • Daisy like flowers
  • Great in mixed borders

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Blue Star Juniper

  • Dense, low growing evergreen
  • Sparkling blue tinted foliage

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Color Guard Yucca

  • Foliage striped green and gold
  • Showy stalks of white flowers

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Palace Purple Coral Bells

  • Deep purple foliage
  • Compact growth habit

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Russian Sage

  • Pale purple blooms
  • Shrubby growth habit

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Green Mountain Boxwood

  • Evergreen shrub
  • Small, round, dark green leaves

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