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Continuous Color Plants For The Pacific Northwest

Give your yard color all season by including these plants in your landscape. They were chosen for your area because of their long bloom season or colorful foliage.


Winter Daphne

  • Rosy-purple flowers
  • Blooms are very fragrant

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Fragrant Sarcococca

  • Fragrant white blooms
  • Handsome evergreen foliage

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Japanese Pieris

  • Upright, handsome evergreen shrub
  • Lustrous, dark green foliage

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Mediterranean Pink Heather

  • Rosy-lavender blooms
  • Attractive cascading foliage

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  • Upright, deciduous shrub
  • Explosion of bright yellow flowers

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Blizzard Mockorange

  • Extremely winter hardy
  • White flowers appear in spring

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Marie Simon California Lilac

  • Neat shrub with deep green leaves
  • Pink flower heads summer to fall

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Japanese Spirea

  • Low growing deciduous shrub
  • Purple-pink flower clusters

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Korean Lilac

  • Easy-to-grow deciduous shrub
  • Showy, fragrant purple flowers

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Orchid Rock Rose

  • Performs well with minimal care
  • Tolerant of poor soils

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Purple Bell Heather

  • Dark green, needle-like foliage
  • Reddish-purple flowers in summer

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Anah Kruschke Rhododendron

  • Dense, rounded evergreen shrub
  • Clusters of deep purple flowers

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Nikko Blue Hydrangea

  • Clusters of blue flowers
  • Vigorous growth

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  • Rapid-growing deciduous shrub
  • Spring blooms on arching stems

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Rose of Sharon

  • Vigorous, upright deciduous shrub
  • Large, colorful summer flowers

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  • Vibrant yellow blooms
  • Bright green, deciduous foliage

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Petite Indigo™ Butterfly Bush

  • Lavender flowers in clusters
  • Spectacular summer color

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Dark Knight Caryopteris

  • Deep purple flowers
  • Nice accent for any landscape

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Double-Flowering Kerria

  • Bright, double yellow flowers
  • Beautiful green stems

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Cranberry Cotoneaster

  • Low, spreading deciduous shrub
  • Handsome dark, glossy foliage

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Tardiva Hydrangea Tree

  • Large shrub trained into a tree
  • Huge clusters of white flowers

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Russian Sage

  • Pale purple blooms
  • Shrubby growth habit

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Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush

  • Red bottlebrush-like blooms
  • Great specimen plant

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Pink Princess Escallonia

  • Fragrant pink flowers
  • Use as screen

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Dwarf Pomegranate

  • Deciduous, ornamental shrub
  • Bright orange-red flowers

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